Auleek has been nominated as one of the Top Virtual Reality Companies in Bangladesh (2021) by the Welp Magazine. Welp picked us based on our exceptional performance in the following categories – growth, innovation, management, and societal impact.  

As a design and visualization technologies company, Auleek specializes in the areas of Architectural Visualization, Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions, Virtual Tours, Interactive Applications, etc. 

Here are 3 of our noteworthy virtual reality projects you can look into: 

1. HATIL® Virtual Store

Auleek designed and developed a Virtual Store for Hatil® using Unity, where customers can browse through Hatil®’s entire range of furniture with all its variations, i.e. change the fabric and material combination of furniture in fully interactive 3D and virtual reality. The Hatil® Virtual Store is currently running at 20+ stores in both Bangladesh and India. 50% of monthly sales occur in some of these stores as a result of implementing this system.

Implementing this VR technology not only helped Hatil® to save costs on their retail spaces but also provided the customers with a wider range of options, helping them make a more informed decision. With the success of the first phase of implementations, Hatil® is now preparing to scale up.

2. Three Luxury Apartments Interactive desktop & VR App

Auleek’s project – “Three” by Building Technologies and Ideas, is a real-time interactive architectural visualization experience created using Unreal Engine 4. This project showcases the building’s luxurious spaces as well as the various smart-home features in a  fully interactive first-person tour on PC, and in VR using Oculus Rift S. Special shout out to the Unreal and Quixel teams for sharing the Megascans library of assets. All other models created in-house by our team at Auleek.

3. VR Application for Community Paramedic Training

Auleek has collaborated with DevLearn and Swisscontact Bangladesh’s ASTHA program to develop a VR application using Unity for paramedic training institutes. The 3D application (both VR and laptop application) allows the teachers to make the learning more effective for the students. It also allows the trainees to have an up-close look at the human anatomy. 

Got an interesting project in mind? Want to develop the next best VR application? Or, if you simply want to collaborate with Auleek, do get in touch with us here: We would love to hear your ideas.