Auleek’s full-featured 3D modeling and rendering pipeline enables our team to deliver top-notch visuals for your product. This portfolio showcases some projects to highlight those capabilities

Display Products in Interactive 3D

Accurate facsimiles of your products will be recreated using 3D modeling software, ready to showcase on wide-format displays.

Home, Office & More

With our highly skilled & experienced 3D asset development team, we can produce a wide range of furniture, appliances and décor
for a variety of applications - home, office, industrial, etc. Whatever the application, the team can create this content to very precise
specifications, with extensive attention to detail and industry-leading levels of optimization

Why work with Team Auleek?

Auleek’s promise of the utmost in quality of service ensures that you always have confidentiality of information, full visibility of the process involved in your project, completely transparency in communication, round-the-clock customer support, and a single point of communication: a project manager dedicated to your project.
We strive to deliver your content with the least possible turnaround time, and will try to accommodate any requirements you may have for desired output formats. Our pricing and workflows can be adapted to cater to your specific needs and demands

Extensive Optimization

Our modeling team’s know-how of the performance constraints of game engines and mobile devices allows us to achieve a great degree of polygon and texture optimization, suitable for use in a wide range of applications. All while remaining virtually lossless in its visual fidelity


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