DeepGreen Virtual Showroom

Adele & Greta Showroom

View Nordic Greta and playful Adele

Adele has a polished but whimsical style thanks to an offset chevron pattern on the doors and bevelled edges on the frame. Brass or copper hardware is coupled with our preferred matte finish lacquer in Ice White, Mist Grey, or Regal Blue for a mid-century contemporary look with a summertime touch. On the other hand Greta, a Scandinavian-inspired piece with a modern twist, will never go out of style.


Greta (Black) & Adele (Grey)

Ami, Eiko & Juno Showroom

Ami, an interlocking ring pattern gives a delicate yet bold touch to the collection. Eiko’s seemingly floating table top above the slatted leg frame adds a visual lightness to any home, drawing inspiration from Japanese design sensibilities and meticulous attention to detail. Juno’s exposed dowel joints, chevron grain veneer, and contoured solid wood bordered table top demonstrate DeepGreen’s high level of craftsmanship and hand finishing. Juno doesn’t need to be the center of attention, but she attracts attention nonetheless.