FloorGen Pro

The FloorGen Pro tool is used to generate game-ready models of architectural floor interiors very quickly and efficiently.

Problem Statement
It takes 3 working days for an artist to create a 1000 sq feet 3BHK apartment game-ready model

Our goal was to create a tool which brings down the time,
which we named “FloorGen Pro”.


  • It used to take about 27 hours on average to generate a game-ready 3 BHK 1000 Sq feet apartment floor 
  • It now takes 7.25 hours to do the same work

Note: Development is ongoing in this tool and our goal is to eventually bring it down to under 2 hours.

Auleek Technical Tool FloorGen Pro

Steps to Generate A Game-ready Model Using FloorGen Pro

1. Trace and create simple shapes based on CAD floorplan

Auleek-technical art-FloorGenPro
Auleek-technical art-FloorGenPro

2. Input the mesh into FloorGen Pro 

Auleek-technical art-FloorGenPro

3. First pass generated by FloorGen Pro. This is a light mode that can be tweaked easily to get the desired settings.

4. Customize the door and window opening based on the requirements

5. In the next pass, we have a fully generated model that is optimized and game ready. Each room is tagged with a different material ID, so that it is easily customizable in any game engine. 

Auleek-technical art-FloorGenPro

FloorGen Pro can be used in Unreal Engine, Unity, 3Ds Max and Autodesk Maya.

Auleek-technical art-FloorGenPro

In Depth Look/Breakdown

We have a lot of parameters to ensure complete artistic controls and efficiency. Here are examples of our tool in action-

Auleek-technical art-FloorGenPro

A look inside the node tree that generates the apartment.