Rigging Tool

Auleek Technical Art Rigging Tool

Problem Statement While creating an interactive experience of an apartment interior, it takes an artist 3-4 hours to assign materials to different surfaces inside an apartment, check for errors and create different furniture sets. So we developed our Rigging Tool to help artists do this faster. Result The entire process of rigging without the help […]

Lighting Preparation Tool

Auleek Technical Art Lighting Preparation Tool

Lighting the interior is an important step of creating the interactive visualization tour of the apartment floor. We created a tool to make this process more efficient and bring down the time needed to create an apartment floor. Problem Statement An artist needed to go through a tedious process of placing these lights according to […]

FloorGen Pro

Auleek-technical art-FloorGenPro

The FloorGen Pro tool is used to generate game-ready models of architectural floor interiors very quickly and efficiently. Problem StatementIt takes 3 working days for an artist to create a 1000 sq feet 3BHK apartment game-ready model Our goal was to create a tool which brings down the time, which we named “FloorGen Pro”. Result […]