Auleek’s 3D interactive virtual solution is the ideal way for you to showcase your space. Whether for marketing of your spaces, showcasing your interior design, conservation of design heritage, or anything else, our technology offers the best visual quality, smoothest navigation and most extensive feature set.



This is a post-construction visualization solution that allows you to showcase your entire interior spaces with full freedom of movement.

We create a physically-accurate 3D model of your space – providing precise navigation, doll-house and floor plan views. We also provide 3D model and schematic floor-plan generation, and Google® Maps and Street View integration.


High-quality Imaging

Embed Information, Images,Video and more

3D Dollhouse View

Wide Dynamic Range, allowing Imaging in Bright and Dark Environments

Automated FloorplanGeneration


Multi-floor Scanning: Precise movement across multiple floors
Accurate Geolocation with GPS Tracking
Cloud-based Service: Accessible from any device with internetaccess, from anywhere in the world
VR-enabled Content: Compatible with Google® Cardboard,Google® Daydream, and Samsung® GearVR™ headsets
Google® Maps and Street View Integration (Optional)
3D Model in .OBJ format and Schematic Floor Plans (Optional)
Can be Shared on Social Media Platforms and Embedded into Websites


If your business can benefit from giving your audience a look around your spaces, then 3D Virtual Tours are for you. This is the perfect way of showcasing your interiors to a worldwide audience on any platform.
Businesses and departments whom we feel will be most benefited by this solution include:

Allows your customers to walk around your listings effortlessly and pick the perfect home or office for themselves

Give your guests an up-close and personal look at your rooms and amenities before they decide on a room to book

Show your facilities to clients, investors, auditors, compliance authorites, etc. without setting aside the time to arrange a guided tour.

Let your visitors pick out the perfect hallroom or table at your establishment before they call for a reservation

Give your audience a feel for your vessel while it’s still on the road, out at sea, or in the air

Your patients get a preview of your specializations and amenities before calling for an appointment

Shopping malls, terminals, campuses, etc. – anywhere where way finding and navigation might be a challenge – allows your visitors to wander around in a virtual space and find what they’re looking for without walking a step.

*technical limitations applicable depending on construction materials, scale of individual spaces, electromagnetic interference, etc.


Interested in learning more about our 3D Virtual Tour solutions, or would like to hire our services to have your space scanned?

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